The company

Who we are

Active for the past 40 years, DIB Production is a company with over 70 people realising a turn over of 10 millions euros split between 3 business Units :


        DIB Metalwork : represents 55% of our activity and comprises all metal and glass       works required for projects in the building and mobility infrastructure sector. 


DIB Industrial Solutions : Represents 15% of our turnover and is split into 2 main activities :

° Manufacturing of parts based on customer designed drawings. We have especially a dedicated stainless workshop with 5 people dedicated to the processing and assembly of complex precision stainless modules.


° The design and manufacturing of cabinets with heavy duty sliding shelves used to store in optimum conditions critical parts or materials. Among our major customers are the European Armies where we have obtained over the years a NATO accreditation.


DIB Radioprotection : represents 30% of our Turn Over and regroups all the works ad products that we design, manufacture and install in France and in the world. The sectors concerned are radiothérapie, industrial radiography, nuclear medicine and finally civil nuclear applircation.


Our mission

Our company exists since 40 years and has grown based on a culture of reliability, profesionnalism and of care to our customers concerns. The customer culture which drives each member of the DIB team is to handle each order as a common project one where succes is measured according to how much we have respected our engagements and contributed to our customer's succes. Our objective is to develop and maintain long term relationships with our customers enabling us to satisfy their need for performance and continuous improvement over time. With this in mind, we have structured our customer approach by market segment, key accounts and product. This approach implies focussed organisations, formalised quality management and a permanent process of innovation all of which have been set up at DIB.


This partnership culture is also what we establish with our suppliers with whom we look to develop and maintain the same type of long term relationship as with our customers.


There can be no sustainability without a strong committment to the safety or our teams and those of our customers, for the safeguard of the environment as well as for our general involvement in sociéty at large. Our DIB GREEN approach and corresponding Corporate Social Responsability Charte are the live testimonies to this committment by our company, personnel and contractors.    


It is our wish that this partnership culture based on the mutual trust and responsability enables us with our suppliers to bring to our customers the taylor made solution they require for the succes of their projects.

Michel Zahrai





DIB Green

Corporate Social Responsability Charter

It is our wish as company and personnel to act within our own environment aware not only of our rôle as economic agent but also as a contributor to the general betterment of society and fellowman. This commitment is reflected in our CSR Charter.  


Charte for a Clean and Safe Construction Site

This charter represents our responsable approach regarding safety and the environment that the DIB teams implement both in our workshop and on the construction worksite. It is also implemented by our subcontractors which have to abide by it in order to get an order from us.

This commitment  is expressed in this Charter adressed to our personnel and to a similar one destined to our Sub Contractors on the construction site.

Key figures

Our turn over is 10 millions euros split over our 3 business units.


We have a long tradition of exports which over the last 25 years has led us in 32 countries in Europe and the Middle East as well as in the United States.

The 70 members of the DIB team located in our 3 operational sites in Dijon (France), Paris South (Orly) and Paris North (Roissy) work in our ingeneering department, our manfufacturing locations, as project managers and as installation technicians travelling accros the world.  


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