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Since 30 years, our teams design, manufacture and install world-wide radiation protection doors and shielded tiling for bunkers as well as shielded cabinets for nuclear power plants, radiographic testing bunkers and for radio and proton therapy in the medical sector. DIB Radiation Protection teams are proud to fulfill our customers shielding request and bring to your personnel and clients a safe environment.


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DIB completes contract to build over 600 square meter of lead walls up to 25 mm thickness for the Nuclear Medicine Department of the new Riviera Chablais Hospital in Switzerland.

Nov 2017 -UGANDA - DIB radiation protection wins order for 6 heavy doors for Uganda Cancer Institute new 4 Radiotherapy and 2 Brachytherapy Bunkers in Kampala.

ANGLETERRE : Agence de l'Energie Atomique du Royaume Uni.

UK ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY orders 10 radiation protection doors from DIB Radiation Protection business Unit.

BAHREIN : DIB Radiation Protection proudly announces that it has won the order to supply the two radiotherapy doors for the new Oncology Center of King Hamad University Hospital of the Kingdom of B

INSTITUT GUSTAVE ROUSSY - DIB Radio Protection remporte Appel d'Offre pour réaménagement 4 bunkers de Radiothérapie.  DIB Radio Protection remporte l'Appel d'Offre de l'Institut Gustave Roussy pour

IVORY COAST - Order for 2 heavy doors for Radiotherapy room in Abidjan

COTE D'IVOIRE - Commandes de 2 portes lourdes de radiotherapie pour le CHU d'Abidjan



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