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Project Management at DIB
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Since 30 years, our teams design, manufacture and install world-wide radiation protection doors and shielded tiling for bunkers as well as shielded cabinets for nuclear power plants, radiographic testing bunkers and for radio and proton therapy in the medical sector. DIB Radiation Protection teams are proud to fulfill our customers shielding request and bring to your personnel and clients a safe environment.


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DIB obtient le contrat pour la realisations des 5 abris cintres filants de la gare de Dijon. Démarrage quais 4 et 5 le 29 juillet 2020. 

Start of the installation of the heavy 380 tons shielded door for the new Rolls Royce Aerospace engine Teat Bed 80. Upper supports and Rails.

DIB wins order to build and install 400 tons radiation protection door for Rolls Royce latest state of the art test bed facility in Derby UK. Motorised door will be 10 m high by 12 m long and 1 m t

DIB completes contract to build over 600 square meter of lead walls up to 25 mm thickness for the Nuclear Medicine Department of the new Riviera Chablais Hospital in Switzerland.

TANZANIA - 2 Radiotherapy Doors for the Ocean Road Cancer Institute in Dar Es Salam

Nov 2017 -UGANDA - DIB radiation protection wins order for 6 heavy doors for Uganda Cancer Institute new 4 Radiotherapy and 2 Brachytherapy Bunkers in Kampala.

FRENCH ARMY : orders 100 weapon storage racks for multiple machnine gun types from DIB  Industrial Solutions in collaboration with Hoffmann Group.

ANGLETERRE : Agence de l'Energie Atomique du Royaume Uni.

The first step in any DIB Project is to get a good understanding of your need at the inquiry stage. This will enable our engineering and quotation teams to provide you with a taylor-made offer based on your specifications which will include preliminary drawings.
Once the order is placed, your order is entered in our Radiation Protection Quality Management System. Each radiation protection equipment has its own individual quality plan and a traceability of all the materials used. Our raw materials suppliers are audited on a regular basis.
Our Engineering department produces the detailed drawings which are discussed and require your prior validation.
Our own specialized manufacturing  teams will then proceed with the manufacturing of all components (shielded product, mechanical devices and electrical and automation systems).
Our factory quality release process is composed of a pre-assembly of all components, factory testing and a validation of conformity to the customer approved design.
The components are then packaged with the highest standards of protection and shipped around the world.
Our specialized assembly teams will install on your site anywhere in the world your shielded product.
We offer after sale attention on all our doors.
A common project, the key to success

At DIB Radioprotection, we see all projects as a partnership between your team and our team during the entire life of the project. Following commissioning, our after sale department can provide you with the care that you require during operation.


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