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For 30 years our teams have been designing, producing and installing leaded and neutron doors, cabinets, airlocks and radiation protection walls or partitions for radiotherapy, proton therapy or brachytherapy bunkers all over the world. Whatever the size, weight or location, DIB's radiation protection teams are committed to meeting their customers' radiation protection requirements and providing a safe environment for your staff and your own customers.


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DIB obtient le contrat pour la realisations des 5 abris cintres filants de la gare de Dijon. Démarrage quais 4 et 5 le 29 juillet 2020. 

Start of the installation of the heavy 380 tons shielded door for the new Rolls Royce Aerospace engine Teat Bed 80. Upper supports and Rails.

DIB wins order to build and install 400 tons radiation protection door for Rolls Royce latest state of the art test bed facility in Derby UK. Motorised door will be 10 m high by 12 m long and 1 m t

DIB completes contract to build over 600 square meter of lead walls up to 25 mm thickness for the Nuclear Medicine Department of the new Riviera Chablais Hospital in Switzerland.

TANZANIA - 2 Radiotherapy Doors for the Ocean Road Cancer Institute in Dar Es Salam

Nov 2017 -UGANDA - DIB radiation protection wins order for 6 heavy doors for Uganda Cancer Institute new 4 Radiotherapy and 2 Brachytherapy Bunkers in Kampala.

FRENCH ARMY : orders 100 weapon storage racks for multiple machnine gun types from DIB  Industrial Solutions in collaboration with Hoffmann Group.

ANGLETERRE : Agence de l'Energie Atomique du Royaume Uni.

Swing door opening to the outside.
Swing door with connecting arm between the door leaf and the mechanism.
Geneva - Switzerland - Swing door seen from the outside, finished in stainless steel.
Hôpital Tenon - Paris - France - Swing door.
Hôpital Tenon - Paris - France - Swing door opening to the outside.
Shielded doors for radiotherapy, proton therapy or brachytherapy bunkers.

Over the last 30 years, more than 600 doors have been manufactured and installed for bunkers, with or without baffles, equipped with ELEKTA, VARIAN or ACURAY accelerators.

Our teams design, manufacture and install the doors based on the specifications established by the customer, the physicist at the installation site and the accelerator manufacturer.

We use CAD and 3D CAD for the design.

Our automatic or manual opening and closing mechanisms, specially designed for the weight of the doors, have proven their reliability over three decades of intensive use, with up to 100 openings and closings per day.


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